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Finding the soul

Finding the Soul (FTS) is a series of workshops that will enable you to discover the driving force behind your organisation. Through a well-structured programme, FTS drills down deep to discover the identity of your organisation and align your work streams and business plans to timeless principles that unite. FTS gets to the root of change management and mobilises what arguably makes human beings such a powerful species: community. Finding the Soul revives community.

FTS lays the groundwork for a learning community to emerge. And if you have a community, you have an all-round game-changer: your profit margins will increase, retention of employees will go up, morale will be boosted, your teams will be strengthened and individuals will be willing to run the extra mile. Among many other things, purpose, meaning and narrative will become the DNA of your organisation.

How does it work?

Refresh Interactions talks about the anatomy of the soul:

  • purpose
  • values
  • why
  • how
  • what


Purpose is the motivation outside and above you. It is what we at Refresh Interactions call the extrinsic motivator. It transcends you and your organisation and pulls you to a greater good. The human body gives a higher purpose to each individual cell within it. A cell has its own metabolic concerns but is pulled to the transcendent good of the whole body. If your organisation has purpose, it is aligned to the needs of humanity, to the needs of the biosphere, and perhaps to the needs of even higher orders of complexity. The outcome is meaning and meaningful action. If you have a meaning-driven organisation, you have an ultimate organisation.


The how’s are the strategies that deliver the values, the purpose and the whys of your business.


Values make community happen. Values create social cohesion and bind people together around what is most important to them.


The why of an organisation leads to an internal reservoir of motivation. It is the subjective driver. It propels individuals to work with passion and from the heart. They will no longer consider work as work but as a service to society. The why is also the mainspring of team motivation. It is at the heart of a work culture for excellence that inspires and encourages. We at Refresh Interactions believe that this intrinsic motivator leads to happiness.


The what’s are the products and services that seamlessly flow out of purpose, whys and values.Your products and services may either change as a result of a refreshed purpose; new products may emerge, or they may simply stay the same but quality will sky-rocket.


Refresh Interactions sees many indicators that show that our current economic, social and environmental systems are falling apart in the face of an evolving world. A world gone planetary. A world in transition. Human communities have evolved from nomadic tribes to settling in villages and farming the land to supporting ever-growing communities. Eventually these gave birth to the great agrarian civilisations. Later with the modern revolution, nation states would emerge. We have gone from being cavemen with stone tools and ice-age problems to world citizens with smartphones, the internet and massive problems that can only be solved globally. The next transition is already underway with the emergence of a global society. Institutions and businesses who dovetail with this new reality will flourish and will make the transition.

Refresh Interactions believe that one of the ways to make the transition is to transform companies into communities.

Transforming companies into communities

Every human being has the ability and capacity to contribute to a just, prosperous and sustainable civilisation to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

Imagine all co-workers proactively learning and loving the work they do. What if customers contributed to innovation, productivity and even the purpose of the organisation? What if innovation and creative problem solving were the norm in your organisation? What would a shared sense of meaning and purpose amongst your employees do for your business?

When all individuals in an organisation can participate in a process of learning then the organisation is able to overcome challenges and tap the possibilities that are hidden within each individual.

When an organisation operates from the Soul and gains community, it transforms from an isolated fragment into an interconnected part of the larger whole. It becomes a meaningful organisation and is able to take on the immense challenges.

Quote from Buckminster Fuller ‘The functioning of the whole cannot be derived from the functioning of the parts’ or ‘We can never change reality by fighting the existing systems. Instead, make new models that make the old models obsolete.”.

How it works

We work with clients who are asking questions such as the following:

How do we engage co-workers and attract key players to our company? How do we find more customers? How do we unlock the innovative power of our organisation? What would a CSR policy be like for my organisation? How do we become more meaningful?

We then:

  • share our insights through keynotes
  • offer open workshops
  • offer an in-company workshop series to find the common soul of the organisation (both entrepreneurial and corporate)

Living the Soul

Once the anatomy of your organisation’s soul are brought to the surface, we accompany the organisation in its ongoing process of transformation and communication. We do this through a programme we call Living the Soul.

Refresh Interactions

Finding the Soul and Living the Soul are programmes offered by Refresh Interactions. We have a collaborative approach. The programmes draw on people who work with us on projects, who advise us and who share insights with us. Equally importantly, we share the timeless content of a large body of religious, philosophical and scientific literature.

Our approach is guided by the insight that we are all united and are able to contribute to an ever-advancing civilisation. Our methods have converged on the principles that drive the soul of an organisation. And we have translated these into practical instruments that can be applied in organisations. We are a learning community: we are learning and updating our work continuously.

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